• Image of Restock: HxH Preorders

Preorders may take 4-6 weeks, even though the estimate is usually less than 4. Please keep that in mind when ordering. These preorders will stay OPEN until funded, they are necessary preorders. If for some reason they do not fund quickly I will post it to instagram, but that may delay production 1-2 weeks in addition.

//ETA date to ship is Mid july to early August, I will not take any DMs or emails about them until after this time. Don't order if you don't wanna wait. Thank you!

If you order in stock items with preorders they will ship at the same time. Thank you! EXCLUSIVE COLLAB WITH @NEOBIRDY !! Follow her at instagram http://www.instagram.com/neobirdy for more good stuff! These will be sold at cons after preorders close, thank you for understanding. :)

Save $10 buying the entire set!

* 1.75" to 2" hard enamel pins
* Quality gold metal plating
* Comes with custom backer card
* Ships anywhere world-wide!

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